How to Improve Sexual Health With Balanced Diet?


Balanced nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good health. Heart healthy foods are also equally good for libido.

Here are some important tips to be remembered:

Protein is essential for providing sperm in men; protein is also known to increase stamina. Of all nuts, pine nuts have maximum content of protein. This nut also helps to lower bad cholesterol.Lean protein intake is important for sex drive with carbohydrates. Nuts, seeds, beans are good sources of protein.

Asparagus contains folate necessary for histamine production and it is equally necessary for orgasm in females as well as males.

Spices like ginger pepper improve circulation & hot spices like cumin, cayenne helps to warm up.

For libido one can have red wine or champagne, excess of alcohol could have adverse effects also.

Chocolate release serotonin in brain and adds to one’s good mood, sugar content in the same gives sudden rush of energy.Chocolates also contain phenyl alanine which are known to increase antidepressants in body called endorphins, these create good mood, raise libido level.

Complex carbohydrates provide energy, a diet necessary for raising libido to higher level. One can have apricots, bananas, apples, strawberries and grapes even before and even throughout the act.

For optimal sexual health turnips, truffles are widely consumed. Oysters, rich in zinc & iodine are known to increase libido.

Excessive amount of protein interfere with sexuality. Nutrition foods provide energy during sexual act, eating with an art can act as a booster, one should eat well with pleasure.

Green vegetables contain good amount of folate, which if not present in adequate quantity cause production of more unhealthy sperms. Citrus fruits, beans, spinach are good sources of folate.

Zinc is an libido enhancer, increases testosterone production. Zinc regulates sperm function, increase fertility and improves sex drive. Brown rice, cheese, oysters, sesame seeds are good sources of zinc.

Stress of everyday life, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, menopause hamper sex life. Diet changes and supplements would help in such cases.

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