How to Improve Sexual Health With Balanced Diet?


Balanced nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good health. Heart healthy foods are also equally good for libido.

Here are some important tips to be remembered:

Protein is essential for providing sperm in men; protein is also known to increase stamina. Of all nuts, pine nuts have maximum content of protein. This nut also helps to lower bad cholesterol.Lean protein intake is important for sex drive with carbohydrates. Nuts, seeds, beans are good sources of protein.

Asparagus contains folate necessary for histamine production and it is equally necessary for orgasm in females as well as males.

Spices like ginger pepper improve circulation & hot spices like cumin, cayenne helps to warm up.

For libido one can have red wine or champagne, excess of alcohol could have adverse effects also.

Chocolate release serotonin in brain and adds to one’s good mood, sugar content in the same gives sudden rush of energy.Chocolates also contain phenyl alanine which are known to increase antidepressants in body called endorphins, these create good mood, raise libido level.

Complex carbohydrates provide energy, a diet necessary for raising libido to higher level. One can have apricots, bananas, apples, strawberries and grapes even before and even throughout the act.

For optimal sexual health turnips, truffles are widely consumed. Oysters, rich in zinc & iodine are known to increase libido.

Excessive amount of protein interfere with sexuality. Nutrition foods provide energy during sexual act, eating with an art can act as a booster, one should eat well with pleasure.

Green vegetables contain good amount of folate, which if not present in adequate quantity cause production of more unhealthy sperms. Citrus fruits, beans, spinach are good sources of folate.

Zinc is an libido enhancer, increases testosterone production. Zinc regulates sperm function, increase fertility and improves sex drive. Brown rice, cheese, oysters, sesame seeds are good sources of zinc.

Stress of everyday life, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, menopause hamper sex life. Diet changes and supplements would help in such cases.

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Sexual Health Enhancers

It’s no surprise that sexual health is of such concern to so many men. Regardless of your age, sexual health is bound to become a matter of concern to you personally if it hasn’t already. Particularly if you are approaching the later stages of life, your level of sexual performance is unlikely to be as high as it once was. Not only is your performance likely to be impaired as you age, your level of desire is also likely to be lower. As a result, many men’s self-esteem is affected. This need not be the case. There are many ways to enhance your overall sexual health and performance.

Desire (Or the Lack Thereof)

We’ve mentioned the fact that there are two aspects of a man’s sexual health that he is likely to be concerned about at some point in his life. One of those aspects is his performance. Of course, the foundation stone of performance is the libido, or sexual desire. If you’re suffering in this area to begin with, then obviously, other aspects of your performance are going to be entirely irrelevant. That’s why the male libido has gained so much attention in recent years when it comes to medication and herbal remedies. Often, you’ll discover that some of the over-the-counter remedies available are just as effective as those that your doctor can prescribe. Just try them and see! If they don’t work out too well for you, then you can always talk to your doctor and see what he or she has to offer.

Increasing Sperm Volume

Aside from the issue of performance, and the foundational issue of libido, there’s also the matter of overall sexual health. One particular element of overall sexual health that many men would like to improve is that they would love to be able to increase sperm volume. There are four main factors that affect the volume of your sperm count. These include your age, your genetics, your diet, and your overall fitness. Obviously, you can’t do anything about the first two of these. However, you can control your diet, and you can do exercises that will contribute positively to your overall fitness. With regard to your diet, make sure you’re getting plenty of amino acids. When it comes to exercise, any exercises that will increase your blood circulation will likely also increase sperm volume.

As you can see, there is hope. Your sex life is not over. There are steps you can take that will increase your overall sexual health. There are even specific steps to increase your libido and the volume of your sperm.

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Many Nutritional Supplements Offer Help For Sexual Health

Sexual health is vital to both reproduction and pleasure. Having a healthy sex life is vital to mental health as well as physical balance. Sometimes it becomes difficult to appreciate sex due to physical or emotional problems and we seek out remedies to help. Drug stores and health food stores have plenty to offer in the line of libido enhancement by way of their many vitamins supplements and minerals but some can actually be harmful to us.

Muira Pauama and Damiana Aphrodisiaca increase libido

Among the vitamin supplements on store shelves you may find many products proclaiming their ability to improve libido in men and women. One of the most effective and proven can be found in drink form called Damiana Aphrodisiaca and Muira Pauama. Found in capsule or non-alcoholic carbonated drink, it increases sexual pleasure in men and women by increasing their libido or desire.

Ginkgo biloba helps blood circulation

Ginkgo biloba is an antioxidant that helps our blood circulate throughout all our body parts and that means with an abundant supply of blood our sexual organs are assured of proper circulation for proper function. Ginkgo comes from trees and it is the leaves that, when dried, are made into ginkgo biloba and can be taken as daily nutritional supplements.

Libido enhancers are also beneficial to athletes

Tribulus Terrestris works by increasing testosterone levels in men, increasing their sex drive and enhancing performance sexually. It also benefits body builders by helping increase muscle size and function. It enhances sexual performance by stimulating the androgen receptors in the brain of men.

Cultivated mushrooms such as the Maitake reduce fatigue

The Maitake mushroom has been popular for hundreds of years as a vital ingredient in our overall health and well being. Its value as one of the sexual enhancing nutritional supplements is found in its ability to improve cardiovascular circulation and thus blood flow to the sexual organs while it also reduces stress and fatigue.

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Women’s Sexual Health – Increasing it Naturally With Proven Herbs

Here we will look at womens sexual health and while much has been written on lack of male sex drive, many women lose their libido and here we are going to look at the key causes and how to reignite it naturally…

Let’s look at the physical causes first.

Lack of nitric oxide and poor blood circulation. This is the chemical which plays a vital role in dilating the blood vessels which allows stronger blood flow to genitals increasing sexual pleasure providing a satisfying orgasm. For peak sexual wellness you must have strong blood flow to the sexual organs and it’s also vital for overall well being.

Low testosterone is another cause. Although seen as male hormone it is also vital for women’s sexual health.

Another common cause is low levels of estrogen which plays a critical role in women’s sexuality. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of sex drive, arousal, and issues which make intercourse painful.

Mind and Spirit

While physical problems can result in loss of libido there are mental issues which can sap sex drive.
Stress, Fatigue, anxiety and tiredness can all affect libido, making you feel not in the mood.

It’s important therefore to enhance mood and this comes from a brain which is nourished, receives well oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance. When your spirit is filled with feelings of well being, you feel happier, you feel sensual, and you are in the mood for sex.

Let’s look at some herbs to lift libido and start with one which is known as the ultimate herb for women:

Dong Quai

Contains vitamins E, A and B12 and high in tannins. Medical research has identified at least six coumarin derivatives that exert antispasmodic and vasodilatory effects. The essential oil in dong quai contains Ligustilide, butylphthalide, Ferulic acid and various polysaccharides. These elements can help reduce blood clotting and relax peripheral blood vessels.

Here are some of the ways it helps libido

” Enhances the effects of ovarian and testicular hormones

” Helps regulating blood sugar levels and lowers blood pressure

” Relieves insomnia

” Brings relief from symptoms of PMS, migraine headaches, abdominal pain and arthritis

” Helps resume normal menstruation after using birth control pills

” Acts as a mild sedative to relive both stress and anxiety

” Strengthens internal reproductive organs, helps with endometriosis and internal bleeding or bruising

” Relieves menopausal conditions like vaginal dryness and hot flushes

This herb is simply a great one for women to take and acts as a base to build on – now let’s add in some other powerful herbs to compliment it.


This herb is well known for its affect on sex drive and positive effects on the reproductive organs. Damiana acts to relax the body and mind reducing stress and anxiety. It is also known to relieve headaches during menstruation. Finally, it helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flushes.


Shatavri strengthens and increases muscle tone, moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs, kidneys, stomach and lungs, and increases overall body strength. Shatavri also helps increase levels of testosterone in the body naturally.


Schisandra has a vasodilatory effect which increases blood flow to the female pelvic region.


Ashwagandha energizes and rejuvenates the body and is a great tonic herb. It combats stress and tiredness and enhances vitality. It is a great herb for promoting overall sexual and reproductive balance.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo has acts as a brain tonic that enhances memory because of its effect on the vascular system, and as a treatment for a number of neurological and circulatory problems. It is also a great blood tonic enhancing blood flow to the pelvic region.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps the body relax and enhances sensitivity of the whole vagina region.

The above combination of herbs combat both the physical and mental issues that can sap sex drive and enhances overall wellbeing at the same time.

Today, many companies are realizing its not just men that suffer from low libido, there are millions of wome These compaines are responding by blending powerful herbal pills, containing the above ingredients and more, to help women’s overall wellness and sexual health.

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Female Sexual Health – How to Boost Libido and Enjoy Better Wellness Naturally!

In terms of female sexual health, low libido hits countless millions of women and it causes distress and misery but the really good news is you can cure it with some time tested herbs which work to boost libido and improve overall wellness at the same time.

Before we look at the herbs, lets take a look at the most common causes of low libido which include any or all of the following.

Poor blood flow to and into the sex organs, is a common problem and strong blood flow is needed for both desire and sexual satisfaction – the sex organs need to swell with blood and harden and if they don’t, low libido occurs. For peak female sexual health, the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone must be produced and low levels of either can cause numerous general and sexual health problems. Women face numerous hormonal changes in their lives which occur in response to the Menopause, PMS and child birth and when hormone levels become unbalanced, sex drive falls. Last but not least, the mind plays a key role in female sexuality and stress, anxiety and worry, mean you simply can’t focus on sex.

There are a number of herbs which can cure all the above problems which can be found in the best herbal sex pills for women. One of the best is Dong Quai. Dong which increases estrogen levels, improves blood flow to the sex organs, balances hormone levels, relieves stress and finally, acts as a mind tonic which puts you in the mood for sex.

To increase testosterone levels, Ginseng is a good choice and like Dong Quai, it acts as a general tonic herb; Ginseng works to relieve stress and boost mood and is also an excellent blood circulation herb.

Another couple of great herbs for female sexual wellness are – Schisandra and Avena Sativa. Avena Sativa is a herb which helps to boost testosterone levels and also helps the body to relax which enhances sensitivity in the vagina and improves pleasure from sex. Schisandra increases blood flow to the sex organs and recent research data shows, extracts of the fruit works to increase estrogen levels in the body.

Last but not least, Ashwagandha is the perfect herb to calm the mind and lift the spirit, this herb energizes the body and improves mood, by minimizing the effects of stress which manifests itself in a stronger libido and better sexual satisfaction.

Get them ALL in the Best Female Libido Pills

You can get all the above herbs and other proven libido enhancers, in the best herbal sex pills for women which can increase your libido and also, increase your overall level of wellness at the same time.

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Male Sexual Health – A Simple Proven Method For Optimum Sexual Health

If you want better health and a higher libido you can do it, with the sensible and proven method enclosed. It simply involves some simple lifestyle changes and some great herbs. Let’s take a look at it…

Before we start sexual health doesn’t act in isolation from the rest of your body and here you will achieve better all round health, recover your libido and heal your whole body for optimum wellness.

Let’s start with some points which maybe obvious – but you need to get the basics in pace first so here they are.

Cut Out Poisons

If you drink heavily, smoke or take recreational drugs, there all libido killers so, cut down, or even better stop.

Eat a Balanced Diet

You are what you eat! What you put into your body has a direct affect on overall health and male sexual health. Cut out saturated fats and junk food and restrict them to treats. You should eat plenty of lean meat fish, vegetables and fruit. Try and eat as “naturally from the earth” as you can and keep to a minimum the processed foods you consume.

Get Gentle Exercise

Men who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from impotence than men who don’t. You don’t have to sweat for hours in the gym, a brisk walk will do – just get your heart rate up and 30 minutes of gentle exercise, 5 times a week is sufficient.

Age Related Libido Killers

As we get older our libido drops and there are various reasons and the most common ones related to sexual wellness are – Stress, fatigue and just general low energy as we age. The male hormone testosterone, drops as we age and so to does the key erection chemical nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide depletion is one of the commonest causes of low libido and it’s the chemical which allows the blood vessels of the penis to relax and expand enough to allow the extra blood flow in you need for an erection. Not enough of this key chemical then sorry, you will never get an erection.

Last but not least, you need strong blood flow for optimum health and sexual wellness. When you become aroused, your heart beats faster and starts to pump blood to the genitals. Any man with low libido is likely to suffer from poor blood circulation.

Supplements to Repair Libido

Below we have outlined some time tested herbs which will get your libido back. Today, you can get them all blended in the best herbal sex pills.

For More Nitric Oxide

Take the herbs Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, there an excellent Chinese combination, for more of this key chemical.

For More Testosterone

Take Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens and Tongkat Ali. These are all clinically proven, to increase free testosterone in the body.

For Better Blood Circulation

Take Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and Cistanche Bark. These will improve blood flow to the extremities and keep the blood vessels healthy.

To Decrease Stress and lift Energy Levels

Take Tribulus Terrestris, Jujube Fruit, Ashwagandha and Schizandra Berries. These will give your whole body an energy boost and put you in the mood for sex.

If you really want better sexual health then the simple lifestyle changes we have outlined combined with a healthy diet and the excellent combination of herbs above, will make you feel better, younger and improve your overall sexual wellness and libido

By healing the whole of your body, your sexual desire and libido will be repaired safely and naturally, without the need for prescription drugs

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